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From Tellius
❧One full set of healing items (Vulnerary, Concoction, Elixir), Pure Water
❧❧ As of March 2nd, the count is: Vulnerary 6 uses, Concoction 3 uses, Elixir 2 uses, Pure Water 2 uses
❧❧Halbedier armor, shield (Pieces underneath are black and gold dress, black stockings, leather straps for holding stockings up, leather armor for under dress, and removable teal "skirts", as well as her red neckerchief, and the white cloth under her arm guards)
❧❧Sentinel armor, shield (Pieces underneath are teal leather 'dress', more skirts, blue knee stockings, blue cloth under arm guards)
❧❧Forged Silver Lance "Ohma"
❧❧the Wishblade (SS rank lance/Halberd)
❧❧❧Wishblade has a charm under its handle that acts as a luck enhancer (+3 luck). It is removable.
❧Daisy (her white mutt)

Gained in Equestria
❧ Weapons:
❧❧ D-shaped mouth blade (from Hayate at Hearth's Warming '13)
❧❧ Dagger (secret santa gift from Cynthia, HWE '13)
❧❧ 'Daybreak', a dragon fang and scale lance (essentially a more powerful Brave Lance, courtesy of Dante, HWE '13, roughly looks like this)
❧❧ 'Lance' from Utchy (Spear)
❧❧ Petrine's Flame Lance from Path of Radiance (won at auction)
❧❧ Gauntlet from SMTIV. Gives her a longsword, ability to call her 'critters' (demons), scan. Also spiffy outfit.
❧❧ Houou Ranger Key, Banana Arms w/core (Stolen by Discord :[ )
❧ Clothes/jewelry:
❧❧ Stegosaurus costume (Nightmare Night '13)
❧❧ Cream-colored dress (bought with Mae)
❧❧ Blue dress (from Ako)
❧❧ Blue/Black dress and little black dress from Yukiko
❧❧ Silver dress (Gift from Maebhrin, HWE '13)
❧❧ Silver hairsticks with moonstones at the end (Mae)
❧❧ Moonstone necklace
❧❧ Lance pin (Gift from Morgan on H&H's Day '14)
❧❧ Special custom perfume from Mae, smelling of Apples/apple blossoms, daisies, a hint of lemon, and cinnamon spice
❧❧ Blue stone pendant from Morgan (birthday '14)
❧❧ Mystic topaz earrings and pendant from Maebhrin (birthday '14)
❧❧ Silver shield pin with blue gem from Crmsn (birthday '14)
❧❧ Sweater and scarf from Flash Sentry (birthday '14)
❧❧ Silver necklace with red gem from Donna (birthday '14)
❧❧ Hayate (in-game) made her ?, converted into pony
❧❧ Hayate (out of game) made her a jacket/shirt/skirt combo, and a dress, remade into pony form
❧❧ Black dress from double date, redone for pony
❧❧ Remade clothes from home
❧❧ Dress for Gala
❧❧ Preserved marigold clipping converted to hair accessory (birthday '14)
❧❧ Silver tail wrap with weapon charms (lance, shield, sword, bow)
❧❧ Pearl pendant from Cirno (Contains her memory on how to read)
❧❧ Silver bracelet from Cirno (Transformation Sequence)
❧ Armor:
❧❧ Navy cloak (From Minato, HWE '13)
❧ Animals:
❧❧ Amaryllis the silver tabby (received from Fluttershy)
❧❧ Astra the starling (Gift from Papageno)
❧❧ Chesto sapling from Gwen
❧❧ Marigolds outside (spring-autumn only)
❧❧ Cactus from Cecil
❧❧ Potted Marigolds from Maebhrin (Birthday '14)
❧ Misc:
❧❧ Four tickets to Epcolt, three all-expense paid from third place in TRotL, one paid by her
❧❧ Tea set from Bertie
❧❧ Truffles from Bertie :9
❧❧ Ballad by Bertie (she wrote it down afterwards)
❧❧ Honey (from Melissa)
❧❧ Marigold (Doll, bought night before age event)
❧❧ Armor and weapon care set from Morgan (honing oils, whetstone, sharpness tester, etc.)
❧❧ Armor care set from York (jars of wax, chamois, etc.)
❧❧ Homemade pine wreath from Mako
❧❧ Flower wreath (it changes by season)
❧❧ Blue sun hat from Gwen
❧❧ Cookbook from Pinkie Pie (AU1)
❧❧ Passive magic text from Patchouli
❧❧ Pony spear fighting technique book from Utchy
❧❧ Lord of the Horseshoes from Utchy (I swear to heaven..)
❧❧ Movie Ticket from Joshua
❧❧ Pony-tized classics (The Old Stallion, Beowood, etc.) and Farmer's Almanac from Patchy (birthday '14)
❧❧ Spa Certificate from Luna (KR) (birthday '14)
❧❧ Dress certificate for Dame Rarity from Bertie (birthday '14)
❧❧ Tiny cloud sculpture from Hayate (birthday '14)
❧❧ Small enchanted raincloud that rains when kicked from Alastor (birthday '14)
❧❧ Tea caddy from Saori (birthday '14)
❧❧ Small hoofmade bunny plush from Fluttershy (SN) (birthday '14)
❧❧ Silver tail wrap with weapon charms
❧Pressed Flowers:
❧❧ Flowers from her and Morgan's first date
❧❧ Flowers received from Bertie
❧❧ Flowers received at hospital from Morgan and Utchy
❧❧ H&H day '14 flowers from Maebhrin (pink roses)
❧❧ H&H day '14 flowers from Morgan
❧❧ Corsage from Morgan for the Gala
Support Items
Note: Much like the tokens a fair maiden would give a knight to show favor and support in an endeavor, these are a way to convey Support/Bond bonuses to her OR the other person if the owner of the item is not around. Blame Equestria for this being a thing.
❧ Bertie (Fire, Rank B as of January 10th): His green and blue tie
❧ Dante (Dark, Rank B): Daybreak
❧ Maebhrin (Dark, Rank B as of January 10th): The ring Braedonnal gave Mae | The sister necklace Neph gave Mae
❧ Minato (Heaven, Rank C as of January 10th): The cloak he gave her | His lance
❧ Morgan (Heaven, Rank B as of January 18th): The lance pin he gave her for Hearts & Hooves

Items from Rakuen
❧ Her memory bracelet.
❧ Four Power Rings, turned into silver bracelets.
❧ Uniform (3 versions: Skirt, Shorts, and Pants)
❧ PDA (unable to charge currently)
❧ Glove (changed to a white cloth bracelet, but torn and unusable)
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