Apr. 27th, 2015

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Most of the last week, folks have seen Nephenee a bit frazzled from working on wedding preparations, along with her normal stuff, but it's been with her normal energy and enthusiasm. When she pops up on the scrolls, it's with neither of those things; despite trying not to look too down, her ears aren't quite as perky, and her shoulders are the slightest bit slumped.]

Hey, all. Um...hate to spoil anypony's day, but...jus' wanted to let y'all know that Lethe o'Gallia has returned to Tellius. An' wanted to thank everypony for makin' her feel welcome here, an' bein' her friends. Even if she missed her home, havin' friends made it easier for her, Ah think...

...Sorry, Ah may need a lil' time to get back to normal stuff, though. Nothin's gettin' changed, jus' gotta get my head back on straight...

[Without anything much else to say, she rolls up the scroll.]



Despite the building spring heat, the sort that would bother some, that doesn't stop a pony that's hard to miss from working off her restlessness, whether by running about as much as she can, or by the blue and green and silver streak flying overhead, wings audibly beating the air as they work their hardest. And in all instances, it's in armor.

Wanna try to figure what the heck is going on with the lancer?

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