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Nephenee Knight ([personal profile] neighfeni) wrote2014-04-19 10:02 pm
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4th Wall Continuations!

 [This is a continuation post for my threads from 4th wall '14!]
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It's fine!

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[That smile just brightens. She really wasn't sure what to expect anymore Cirno just flutters her wings slightly in excitement.]

Yay! I get my friend back!

[It takes her a moment in her happy little moment to realize she was asked something. The smile fades enough for her to look sheepish as she responds with a nod.]

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Re: Neph and Hayate

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"Oh I'm sure it works out usually but I can tell. And a C is your cup measurement." Leaning in, she whispered a accurate, down to inch size measurements for Nephenee to her. "See?"
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"I figured as much. There's a lot of give if I compensate for hidden pockets though," mused Hayate thoughtfully.
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"That'd take a long time to fix up though," mused Hayate thoughtfully.