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Nephenee Knight ([personal profile] neighfeni) wrote2015-02-28 03:37 am

To The Rainbow-Colored Paradise Where We Met, I'll Dash Through Time And Space

Who: Nephenee, Cirno, Tails, Morgan
What: Nephenee's trapped in the dreamscape, and found the exit...too bad it's guarded by some unsavory folks.
Where: Nephenee's Dreamscape
When: Later-ish in the event
Warnings: A giant Content/Trigger warning for memory loss talk. Also violence.
Prose or Commentspam: Prose

How long had she been traveling around these strange places? It could have been minutes, hours...days? Time didn't feel like it had a meaning in...wherever this was. Everything felt fuzzy, surreal at times. Yukiko's wedding, Yu disappearing, the Velvet Room, the place Chiyo was...Nephenee wondered where this pathway went, if it could be called such. It certainly looked like one of the dirt roads back ho-
No. Back in Tellius. Not home.

She shook her head in an attempt to clear it; all it gained her was her hair swaying, falling against her back. It felt so strange to be in her Beorc form least she didn't have that demon tail and wings like she'd had in Zetta's place! The soldier shivered at the memory of that; what an unpleasant experience.

Speaking of such, as the path opened up, and she stepped onto stone, her eyes widened. This was the mother of all unpleasant experiences, these tall buildings of white in a large courtyard. At one end, a flag of white and red flew by a building, the other end's building bearing the banner of black and pale; four spires surrounded the place, two decimated, two intact. Her wrist ached where the pearl bracelet lay, and she rubbed it, vaguely aware of the weight of her engagement piece on the opposing wrist, and the weight of fear in her heart.

"Rakuen..." For awhile, she just stared at the place, reliving the past again. But the Sentinel shook herself from it eventually; she had to find a way out...but where was 'out'?

Something told her this would be one heck of an experience...