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Weapon cache 1: Bearers of Hope

[It's been one hell of a battle against Tirek so far, and there has been a lot of people who once had power, and even just were strong physically, that are now without that, and even without that, their cutie marks are gone; for many, the power was part of their identities, and so after seeing many scared to stand up to Tirek, whether in battle or in spirit, Nephenee decides to try to raise eveyone's hopes...and simultaneously show their enemy that they won't back down.]

[So, before some of them travel into Tartarus, the Sentinel makes two posts: one locked from the centaur...and one decidedly not.]

[Locked from Tirek]:

[The scroll shows the mare with a light cloak on, shadows obscuring the area behind her, and after glancing about, like she's afraid of being overheard, she looks back to the scroll, calm, but with a slight edge to her air.]

Well...Ah reckon today's been one heckuva day. Our Princesses get drained an' kidnapped, an' now a bunch o'us are, too. An' with power drain, he seems to get that much stronger an' bigger...

He got a lot o'folks close to me, too... [Her tail flicks absently, a remnant of annoyance at herself for not stopping it.] An' Ah know a lotta folks are scared to fight, because their power's part o'themselves, who they are, an' 'cuz our cutie marks are too. Because he gets stronger with each one taken..

An'...Ah'll be honest. Ah'm a lil' bit scared, too. It reminds me o'when the goddess Ashera woke up an' turned all o'Tellius but for a few o'us to stone. We had to defeat her or everyp...everyone would die. Ah do ya handle that?

[Nephenee, that's not very encouraging.]

...An' the answer is, ya band together.

We can't let how bad it looks stop us from tryin' to stop him. Even if we hafta stop fightin' him for the time bein' , that's alright. There are other ways to stand against bandin' together, an' not letin' him crush our spirit.

"But Neph," ya might say, 'specially if ya jus' got here, "how we gonna stop 'em? He's big an' powerful...we gotta stop 'em." An' you're right...we will. But violence ain't the only way to defend against somethin'...sometimes it's jus' lettin' your voice be heard, standin' tall against them with your friends, or even by your lonesome...even when you're quakin' in your boots. That's when it's the most important to find what ya hold dear in your heart, an' hold onto it real tight, an' do whatever ya need to to keep hold o'it.

An' 'specially here..comin' together, standin' as one...those hold even more power than simply feelin' better from fightin' beside your allies.'re part o'what's saved this place so many times, before we even came here, too! That friendship's key to fightin' against Cálice, an' us standin' together against Tirek's gonna save us...Ah don't know how...but it always has before.

An' for those o'ya don't think ya got friends an' allies to stand together with...ya do. All o'us do. Even if nopony else will...Ah will. Ah...know what it's like to not have feel like ya don't deserve 'em, ain't worth it.

An' ya know what? Ah was wrong. Ah've...learned that Ah'm worth' Ah think everypony's worth that. Everyone needs that love, an' even if ya don't think you're worth it cause o'stuff ya done? Friendship an' love's gotta way o'changin' all that.

When Ah was fightin' in the wars back in Tellius, we found allies even among our enemies, among traitors, an' sometimes, all it took was reachin' out. Ya might get hurt..but the friends ya make will be worth more than all the gems in all the worlds. An' to those who've been hurt? Some people may not deserve it...but that's why mercy's so strong, too. Ah've seen that break walls a batterin' ram couldn't even chip.

That's what's gonna save us. That friendship an' love, bindin' us all together, if only we let it, will give us the strength to stand against the most powerful of foes, face down gods, when our weapons an' powers won't. So don't lose hope, everypony. We'll get through this. Oh, an' to those who think fate's sayin' otherwise...

Buck fate.

[Oh. Well then.]

If a goddess decrees a lil' ol' army is 'fated' to die, an' they defeat her? An' one o'those is a lil' ol' farm girl who didn't know nothin' but growin' stuff 'fore then? Ah think all o'us can write our own fate, our own destiny, no matter what a mark might say 'bout us.

Now...Ah ask ya all to join us, to show Tirek that we won't be cowed. [Neph.] To show our hearts are stronger than anythin' he can throw at us. That we fight for an' with somethin' bigger than him.

[Open to EVERYONE:]

Tirek...Ah know ya can see this. An' jus' 'cause some o'us had our powers an' marks bein' taken...don't think we'll back down from ya. In case ya ain't noticed, this is Equestria, where Friendship can defeat even mares in the moon an' changelin' queens an' ultimately, a white pony who keeps us here. An' somehow, it'll stop you too.

[And finally, she raises a hoof, and the shrouded area behind her lights up, revealing a Marty and Dante have guitars, there's a Pinkie on drums, Bertie on piano, and those who can play other instruments have them. Those who don't, don't need them. Nephenee, Bertie, Dante, Crmsn, Morgan, Pinkie Pie, Harvey, Marty, Minato, Minako, Donna, Jou...twelve in all. And when the music begins, he might know part of that damnedable tune.]

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