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Nephenee Knight ([personal profile] neighfeni) wrote2016-06-06 09:43 pm
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[Eorzea Adventures] Gonna light the darkness / Keep on burnin' my fire / Ain't nobody gonna stop me

Warning: end of 3.0 spoilers ahoy!

High above Falcons Nest, there was a somewhat familiar sight to the native Ishgardians: a warrior clad in armor, spikes protruding from the sides, back, and helmet, fins at the hips, lance holstered across the back. What was not the same, however, was the color of the armor - the blue of a clear morning sky -, the emerald hair spilling from underneath the mesail, whipping in the high winds, and the slighter, shorter stature of the Dragoon perched upon the precipice.

But this was becoming more common, now that Estinien had gone rogue, been taken by Nidhogg. There'd been some who worried for her being so high up, thought there might be some drastic action. But no; the second Azure Dragoon had done this a few times a day by now, watching the horizon closely, seeming unwavering to those watching from below.

Of course, perception and reality were rarely the same. Occasionally she had trouble balancing, but it was a simple matter of shifting her balance, both physically and mentally. In fact, that could be said for how she was handling all of this. Nephenee wasn't happy about this by any stretch; the fear of what had happened to the other Dragoon happening to her was real, especially when she'd heard the great wyrm's voice all those weeks ago, trying to talk her into giving into powerlust.

But that wouldn't happen to her. She wouldn't let it. Not just for the sake of those below and beyond, and those she cared for - she wouldn't give in for herself, too. Granted, the farmgirl still wasn't accustomed to caring for herself as much as she should, but compared to years ago...

The soldier shook her head. It wouldn't do to dwell on that pain from long ago. Learn from, sure, but not dwell. Besides, that would serve to distract her too much right now. She might not like their circumstances, but...

A familiar chirp echoed in her ear, interrupting her thoughts, and she activated the linkpearl. "Nephenee...Got it. Ah'll head thataway. See if ya can stall 'em 'til Ah get there...yeah, y'all be careful, ya hear?"

Ending the communication, she frowned. More dravinian attacks to north. Even knowing what they did, they couldn't let such attacks go unstopped. A subtle shift in her stance atop the crenelations, flipping down her visor, she pounced from the heights. Until they finished the job or they went home, she'd continue onwards, even heavenward.

That was her duty as the second Azure Dragoon, and, more importantly to her, as a Sentinel.

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