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Permissions Post

  • TRIGGERS. Nephenee doesn't have any triggers, per se. The closest I can figure is cat-calls and such, and it generally makes her either angry or nervous due to being captured in the first war (nothing happened, but being the only female prisoner, she did get cat-called at). Making fun of her accent might make her sad. Also threatening her friends/family/innocents is a good way to 'trigger' your butt getting whipped. (I, however, deal poorly with violence involving the neck, and sometimes with talk of self-injury or suicide.)
  • MEDICAL INFO. Lethe muscles that get knotted easily if she doesn't stretch, physically strong, high pain tolerance, tendency to get charlie horses in back right leg.
  • MENTAL INFO. A bit shy, self-conscious. Self-esteem fluctuates between decent and bad.
  • FOURTH-WALLING. Sure, if you want. Talking to me is also awesome, but I'm sure it'll be cool. Just don't tell her she doesn't exist.
  • PHYSICAL CONTACT. Nephenee isn't afraid of physical contact, though she might initially be "bwah?" and confused. But she is a loving person she likes that sort of thing. (If you're a guy it might make her awkward)
  • KISSING. Cheek/forehead kisses can be a thing, anything else ask me. Especially lip kisses, because hey, see below.
  • ROMANCE. Nephenee is dating Morgan, and she's a one-pony gal.
  • INJURE/KILL. Talk to me first and we'll see.
  • DEVICE HACKING. Can you even hack scrolls?
  • THREADJACKING. Yush please.
  • ANYTHING ELSE. Let me know if you want to avoid spoilers!