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The Strongest Country Girl

A Relentless Sentinel

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Name:Nephenee Knight
Birthdate:Mar 15
Strength & Surety
The Relentless Sentinel

Nephenee (surname: Knight)

Age: 24
Gender: Female
Canon: Fire Emblem PoR/RD
Canon Point: Originally post-RD,
now AU'd to several worlds


code by cindergraphics

Just a country girl from Ohma in Crimea that fought under General Ike in two wars. I served under Her Majesty, Queen Elincia, as a Sentinel (a Lancer), and a Guard, and run my family's farm. Or I did, til I got pulled into Equestria. Now I protect folks and farm! So...not much changed, 'cept I'm a pony now. Oh, an' Ah got hitched an' a Persona. Guess that's changed.
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