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Nephenee Knight

[plurk.com profile] lilrebbitzen/Discord: Dassabun#1028

CHARACTER NAME Nephenee Knight, Princess of Equestria (
[personal profile] neighfeni, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, CRAU'd from My Little JamJar, Rakuen, and World of Pokémon)
Age 26-ish
Gem Emerald
Permissions Nephenee is a married lady, and so will not respond favorably to romance attempts, if she even realizes it's happening. Hugs are good, though! Please PP/PM me if you want there to be anything violent going on.

NOTES Extra stuff goes here

☆Gem powers: Fusion, Weapon Form, Transformation (Pony form), shielding

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Name: Dassa; Pronoun is She
Contact Details: [plurk.com profile] lilrebbitzen ; Discord is Dassabun#1028; This journal
Other Characters?: No other characters, and none planned

Character Name:
Name: Nephenee Knight
- Titles: Princess Nephenee of Equestria; The Element of Valour
- Nicknames: Neph, Nephie, Princess of Compassion, Princess of Breaking Things, About a billion other incidental ones up to, but not limited to, "Legs Horse"
Canon: Original canon is Post-Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. CRAU includes My Little Jamjar, Rakuen, World of Pokémon, some PSLs.
Canon Point: Post-My Little Jamjar's main scenario
Type: Canon character
Age: 25-ish? There's been some time travel and that is a wibbly-wobbly thing, having added on about a year and three months to her actual age. She just calls it 25, 26 if she gets in on or after the 15th.

History/Key Points: Fair warning, even with bullet points this and her CRAU history might be a tad long. Also, the little bit of headcanon is underlined.
  • Path of Radiance and before: Originally from Ohma village, Nephenee lived with her mother and siblings -2 sisters, triplet brothers- and, like the rest of the village, supported her family by tilling the spoil and reaping its fruit. Up until the war between Crimea and Daein, her life seems to have been fairly normal, though she'd lost her father to illness when she was younger, and she took the reins as head of the farm to lessen the burden on her mother. Prior to the harvest season one year, Daein suddenly attacked the Crimean capital of Melior, beginning the events of Path of Radiance. In preparation to defend their village, a local militia was put together, which Nephenee joined in order to defend her family and livelihood. It was there that she met fellow villager Brom, who she would serve beside in the Greil Mercenaries later. However, unlike the mercenary group they would serve in later, this militia was quite ill-prepared, as it was put together right after war broke out, and consisted entirely of farmers and villagers, with no experience in battle. It was so ill-prepared, in fact, that we learn that they only learned to stand for roll call, had to share equipment, and when they marched, people got lost or fled. But Nephenee and Brom went on, to fight for their village. One fateful day, the militia was engaged by Daein troops, and Nephenee and Brom were helped in some way by the bishop Sephiran. However, the three were captured by the enemy, and imprisoned in Canteus Castle, where they stayed until they and another prisoner, Kieran, were rescued by Ike and his band of mercenaries. Meeting with Princess Elincia, Ike took them all aside and asked if they are willing to recognize Elincia as the Princess of Crimea (as she was unknown to many before), and to fight for her in their mercenary band. Brom responded by saying that royalty and who ruled didn't seem to affect them much since they're mostly left alone under what had been the current rule. He quickly added, though, that Ashnard could take away their fields and lands, taking away their way of sustaining their families, which is why they joined the militia- to protect their loved ones and their livelihood. Thinking of her own family, Nephenee asked, "If you can defeat the king of Daein, will this country return to the way it used to be? Is that what you're after?" Elincia assured them that she will never abandon her kingdom, despite not being as strong as her father. Brom and Nephenee agree that she seems that she will keep her word, and both join up to restore her to power, as well as to thank Ike for saving their lives. Traveling in the band, which later became known as the Crimean Liberation Army, Nephenee fought with her lance and shield and gained battle and life experience, until Ashnard was finally put down, and Elincia became queen of the realm. After the war, she returned to her family, boasting of serving the queen, and fighting under the great Commander Ike.
  • Radiant Dawn: All was well for several years. Nephenee went back to working the fields of the Crimean countryside, her armor and weapons ever at the ready in case of need. A good thing too, as three years after the country was liberated, a man named Yeardley came to Ohma and stirred the youth of the village, in an attempt to put Ludveck, the duke of Felirae, on the throne. Seeing the crowd and incited youth, Nephenee quickly donned her armor and grabbed war buddy Brom. Together with the thief Heather, they defeated the rebellious youth and Yeardley, and set out to warn Elincia of the impending rebellion, joining back up with Ike eventually to stop it for good, as well as stopping a corrupt Begnion, and defeating the goddess Ashera. After the war ended, Nephenee moved her family to Melior, where she continued to protect her country.
    Sometime after she moved her family and farm, Nephenee came across an injured white dog, and, having a good knowledge of animals, she nursed her back to health. The dog decided to stick around, and Neph named her Daisy.

Personality: (As of original canon)
Shy, dependable, strong: such words undoubtedly describe Nephenee. Originally, she was even more soft-spoken for fear of being mocked for her strong country accent, but in the intervening time, she gained quite a bit of confidence in her speech as she strives to become more refined. This was helped not only by fighting alongside people from far away that didn't ridicule her for her accent, but also by her friends Brom and Calill, who once was from the country herself. Seeing Calill’s refined mannerisms gave Nephenee the drive to work on herself. After all, if Calill could do it, why couldn't she? By the time Radiant Dawn rolls around, it’s apparent she has gained quite a bit of confidence in herself, both on the battlefield -her lance impaling the enemy easily, though she gains no pleasure from killing- and off. It’s safe to say, though, that while she has come a long way from the quiet young lady she was in Path of Radiance, she is in no danger of over-confidence any time soon. She still hides her face often, whether with a helmet, or perhaps a hat.

It should be mentioned, however, that the shyness doesn’t apply to the battlefield. Really at all. When she is fighting, the shyness retreats quickly, and she becomes extremely focused, brave, and capable of wiping out enemy after enemy. By the endgame, it is entirely possible for her to take out a full-blown dragon within a few hits. But it should be noted that she really doesn’t enjoy killing. It is a necessary evil in her mind, and she is willing to do what must be done to defeat the enemy and protect her family and country, not to mention Queen Elincia. After the story’s end, she moves her family to the Crimean capital of Melior, both to be close by in the event of trouble, and to provide for her family better, leaving behind her village, but never forgetting them. We also know that unlike her friend Brom, she was always ready to help, and that many times she went back onto the battlefield to protect all she loved.

Tilling the land, they say, builds strength of character, and being the main worker and helping her mother take care of the family has made Nephenee strong and reliable. Quick to help her friends and family, she will defend them at a moment’s notice. Though it’s not to say she enjoys fighting, but she knows it is needed at times- a realistic pacifist, as it were. She is a calm individual, and rarely complains; while Brom complained about the hardships of marches and army rations, she merely shrugged and told him they would get used to it. Strong of will and brave (in battle mostly), she refused to give in to despair during their imprisonment, and was ready to fight shortly after being rescued. This seems to reflect her positive attitude a bit, and she easily reassures those she calls friend, which, despite her introversion, she seems to make quickly. And despite what it seems, she is far from stupid, quickly figuring what to do in battle and practical things. She is a bit ignorant and naive though, having little or no official schooling. What little schooling she does have is either entirely self-taught, or from her parents, so she has about a 5th grade reading level, if that, and a basic knowledge of arithmetic, but not much more on the education of such things. She’s just a simple girl who has farmed for her livelihood, after all.
On that note, Neph demonstrates a lot of dependability and responsibility than one might expect from one her age in the modern era. Most of this seems to come from being forced to grow up very fast in order to help her mother with not just her siblings, but the farm, which is their livelihood. We know in-game that her mother is alone in raising the kids without her there, and this is because her father passed away around 8 years before Radiant Dawn of illness.
Suddenly being the eldest child of the family (which is 7 people strong), she quickly took the reins and helped her mother with the farm, and, when she was old enough, taking over many of the duties her father had. While she has the help of her siblings, they are all young, the triplets being 9 as of RD, so she is the primary breadwinner for them, as it were.

(CR)AU Information

AU Personality Changes: Oh, where do we even begin?
To start out with, she is still a responsible, hardworking, down-to-earth woman who is loyal to those she calls friend, and quick to defend them. She is also still stubborn and tenacious, as befitting one with the title ‘Relentless Halberdier Sentinel’, but on the flipside is a very kind, caring person, who does occasionally know that she needs to step down. These grew in her time among different worlds, and changed alongside her. Nephenee took on more responsibility, becoming the ‘face’ of the Commune after Luna stepped down to create the Night Market, as well as becoming a teacher at the Lone Mountain Dojo, while at Rakuen, she became a prefect, helping to oversee students and enforce the rules, and finally, becoming an Alicorn and princess. This seems to be a pattern for her, much to her chagrin, starting even in canon, when Yeardley tried to incite a rebellion in her hometown. She, not Brom or another, was the one that took up arms first, informed Brom of their plight, and made the decision to travel to Melior to inform the Queen. If asked, though, she’d say it was “doin’ what had to be done”. For a long time, Nephenee did not feel comfortable, nor capable, of leading others, but, despite that, she’s always tried, and spoilers, she’s actually pretty good. Not out of being a natural-born leader by any stretch, but out of purely trying her hardest, genuinely caring about those affected, and learning to delegate to those best suited for tasks. Oh, and stubbornness. There’s an underlying stubbornness to Nephenee, forged in the fires of war and hardships, that, while not immediately apparent like some, makes the difference in her attitude. She hates the thought of giving up, and will try whatever she can to make something work. That being said, she is wise enough to know when to exercise a tactical retreat, which isn’t the same thing exactly, in her head. This stubborn streak also reflects her strong heart, a spirit that would be extremely difficult to break, if it is possible. Heck, it’s a reason she wasn't petrified when Ashera enacted her judgment on Tellius that, and being a plot bunny. True, she can get a bit depressed at situations, especially when she feels she can’t do anything to fix things, but she’s learned she can lean on her friends to help her through these times. Which...is definitely something that’s changed in her time here...like a lot of things.

In fact, it’s easier to reiterate that, while she has some things that are still the same, there are probably more things that have changed. In the beginning of her time in Equestria, Nephenee preferred to keep a bit more to herself; while she was friendly, she had a lot of trouble truly opening up, and her self-esteem was...well, it was better than it was in Path of Radiance, but that’s hardly saying much. There was a lot of underlying issues she didn't realize were there, and wouldn’t for a few months after her arrival. There was also more submissiveness, and less joy and life - she wasn't exactly stoic, but she certainly kept a wall up. Now being in a land of colorful ponies and a world fueled by friendship, that wall got chipped at, a lot. Her first friends included Bertie and Utsusemimaru, who helped pull her out of her comfort zone little by little. Which, considering how well Nephenee does outside of that comfort zone (read: not very), is somewhat of a miracle. Eventually, after Nightmare Night’s event, she started opening up a bit more, as she started training with others, but it wasn't until the Shadow event that she changed the most. As Shadows tend to be stronger depending on how bad the issues in the person have gotten, and how long they've festered, Nephenee’s was..well, a piece of work. It had a dual nature to it: part of the time it could manifest as weakness, extreme self-doubt, and brokenness, and other times, it preyed on what was a hidden, powerful dislike of herself, to the point it lured her friends to watch her be broken further. As many who have faced theirs, Neph didn't want to believe that this was part of her, and it nearly got her friends seriously injured. In the end, after snapping from her stupor and buying the others a chance to gang up on it with a well-placed helmet throw, and ashamed of how bad things had gotten, she tearfully accepted those parts of herself, and with acceptance came a lot of progress. Enough that when she was asked out not long after, she actually said yes, for once realizing she might actually be worth that sort of attention. Over the next few months, the Sentinel started opening up to others, becoming happier, and even developing a sense of humor, to the point where she’s made friends with...roughly half the game. I wish I was joking, but the Hearth’s Warming list says I’m not. Strangely, for awhile after, she still tried to claim she was an introvert and shy, but this is mostly from her self-awareness being...not that great. She also learned to not be quite so reckless, after a couple of incidents where she landed in the hospital from sheer hardheadedness, thanks to friends, rightfully, getting onto her. All told, before her first update, Neph had taken a lot of steps forward in her growth, and was, honestly, pretty darn happy.

Annnnd then Rakuen happened. Hoo boy, did it happen. Without her memories of her trials and friendships in Equestria, Nephenee went back to being more quiet and submissive, even with being a teacher there, and while she had a few friends, the place took a toll on her. Thanks to the punishments they suffered at losses (and she lost a lot due to not being skilled with other weapons like she was in Equestria), she’s gained a bit of a ‘triggery’ response to failing at things, oftentimes getting a psychogenic headache from it, and...well, to say she’s sensitive to memory issues is putting it lightly. Despite her normal courage, she was honestly afraid she’ll lose those memories, and her memory of Equestria, again, which terrified her more than a lot of things, as well as what place she had there. Due to wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey shenanigans, when she returned to Tellius the second time, she’d been gone for roughly two years, and that took a toll of its own, with the world having moved on and the troubles a soldier disappearing brings. Tellius no longer felt like home to her; Equestria does. But even with all the steps back, she took a few steps forward in the rest of her time here, before Kalos. As stated, she got rid of most of her recklessness, and has come to terms with some of her past, and the fear it brought. She’s not completely whole yet, but she’s grown a lot. The final bit of growth recently came from dealing with the fallout from learning she might disappear again, where she learned to not fear the future, and, when she went to Kalos.

As to her time in Kalos, for a time, she was definitely down about possibly not seeing her friends again (Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey struck again, so she hadn't met Tails in MLJ yet), getting a bit better after winning the first badge, and snapping out of much of it when she talked to her friends about it one night, after accidentally transmitting her singing about wishing to return to her loved ones. The Nightmare event pitted her in second fight against her Shadow, or what looked like it, which strengthened her resolve and courage to get back to her loved ones, and to not give up on seeing them again.

After coming back to Equestria, Nephenee started on a crash course to getting better, starting with facing her deepest fears when she was stuck in a nightmare that had her in Rakuen. She had long worried that if she were to tell others of her forgetting them and Equestria, they would be so hurt and betrayed that they would leave her, but when she was forced to come out with her secret, she was instead embraced and reminded that she was still her and that her real friends and loved ones wouldn't hurt her like that. And while it took her awhile to talk about what had happened in a more public setting, she's gotten mostly over the place. Every now and then there's nightmares, and worries about vanishing again, but now it's a mostly-healed wound rather than an open one. Her becoming an Alicorn and taking up her Element helped as well, as both helped her realize that she really was worth something, and that she could hold her head high. Now, she's become a pretty well-rounded individual, mostly stable and, honestly, happier than she's been in a very long time. Even with a busy life between helping rule Equestria and seeing to her family in Rhydin and Tellius, Nephenee is at peace and enjoys life, often times being a little bit of a dork and sometimes even a little bratty, though in a teasing way.

AU History Changes:
  • My Little Jamjar: About a year after the war was done, Nephenee awoke one day to find herself and her dog not in their own bodies, but those of a muscley, blue-furred Earth pony, and a little white mutt. While not acquainted with strange happening in this sort of way, she quickly adjusted, learning about how things worked here in Equestria, making a few new friends, and making a home in the Commune.
    • A whirlwind of events happened within the first six months of her coming there:
      • she placed third in the annual race of help the leaves fall from the trees, and she had to help defeat a version of Nightmare Moon, who had taken over a Twilight Sparkle, and her own living nightmares on Nightmare Night. Barely defeating her own nightmare with a friend's help and unable to help in the fight to free Twilight, she sought the tutelage and company of others versed in fighting in both a physical and magic sense.
      • A dense fog rolled into Ponyville, blocking communication with the outside, and Shadows began to torment people. After an emotional run-in with one Shadow in particular (her friend Bertie's) that messed her up psychologically, and after seeing the real Bertie and another friend die at a Shadow's hand, she had to confront her own darkness. As Shadows grew in power the longer and stronger the issues creating it became, it was of considerable strength, and it took friends calling out to her between dodging its attempts to kill them to make her snap into action. With their encouragement ringing in her ears and her anger at a part of herself threatening others, she broke the chains holding her down, and they defeated it. With her accepting the dark parts of herself with "Ya really are me..", it vanished and turned into a card of the Strength Arcana, gaining her emotional strength and a Persona.
      • After her two dead friends came back to life and crashed their own funeral, she talked over the network about what she'd learned, and was more than surprised by the support that it brought. It also brought along a request of courtship which she accepted, since hey maybe she was actually worth a bit of attention?
      • After that, it was mostly quiet, until April, when lots of people came out of nowhere and there was a fairy named Cirno calling her Sis that she'd never met in her life. Still, Nephenee took care of her until she vanished, and then in June, the Lancer herself poofed for three days.
  • Rakuen: And then everything went to crap! After a day or so in Crimea, Nephenee found herself in a place called Rakuen City, on a train where she and others were being transported, with no recollection of anything after the last year in Crimea (Post-Radiant Dawn). She met Cirno for the first (?) time, and they were told they had to fight another school in order to regain ten memories taken from each of them. Their headmasters were jerks, and the fact that they had to attack innocents for sport left a long-lasting mental scar on her. After a few months, she fell into a coma, ultimately vanishing again to Crimea, where she remembered everything.
  • Back to Equestria she went, with new powers after a fashion, but many new psychological scars and ten memories chained to her wrist in pearls on a bracelet, and a year of her own life in another dimension, but not this one. No one but Cirno would know of these for a very long time, but she started slowly recovering, though things would sometimes set back progress, like friends dying (and coming back). She took over the Commune and focused her energies on running it and teaching students the ways of the lance, and learning things in turn, slowly realizing over time that one person in particular owned her heart now - her boyfriend and Aikido/sword/martial arts instructor, Morgan. She even worked up the courage over time to tell him her love, and was ecstatic that he loved her in turn. Slowly, things seemed to be getting better for the Sentinel.
  • Until about a half-year after she got back in the first place, she learned she was somewhere else thanks to Tails the fox. She poofed not long after, but only for a few months this time (on her end), and only a few Equestrian days. Her time in Kalos was spent learning to be a Pokémon trainer, dealing with her worries that she'd never see her loved ones again, and having to help take out Robotnick. Thankfully, that time at least gave her some closure. She came back a little more level-headed, having helped a world in need, with a new Pegasus body and a few Pokémon at her hip, and a lot more learning to be done. After that, things went well for her for a bit. Having watched his girlfriend vanish twice now and being worried he wouldn't get the chance if he waited, Morgan proposed, and she happily acepted. Not long after that was her next big trial: the off-world version Princess Luna trapped people in their dreams, and hers was Rakuen. Cirno, Tails, and Morgan came to her aid, but to get out, she was told by the two headmasters that she had to reveal her secret. Having been terrified of hurting others with the revelation, she tearfully admitted she'd forgotten everything in Equestria during her time there. To her surprise and relief, she was forgiven by those she loved, and with their help, they took down the people keeping them there, securing their escape. But before she left, she hugged the two headmasters, finally forgiving them and moving on to help others trapped in their own nightmares.
  • The following few months were much easier on her, as her spirit grew and she learned her own mental and emotional strength. She and Morgan were wed, Cirno joining them as a family, and they were happy. Too bad things couldn't stay quiet for too long as a rule of thumb, because then one Tom Shanks, who had expressed dislike and distrust of the off-worlders on numerous occasions, threatened the Commune's existance. Apparently the original owner hadn't left the land to anyone when he died, and so it was up for grabs, with Shanks wanting to bulldoze the place and turn it into a tacky theme park. It turned into an inspirational 80s movie a race against time as the occupants of the Commune and many ponies worked to defeat his bet, and even though they did their best, they were unable to beat his bet. Before the final call could be done, Nephenee sacrificed a dear item in order to win the land: her Silver Lance that bore the name of her beloved village, Ohma; the appraiser took note of it, and was shocked by both its material and history. It was, in his own words, priceless - its worth far exceeding the bet. Even as Shanks fretted and spoke of someone telling him that the off-worlders had to be stopped at all costs, Nephenee extended a hoof to him, expressing wanting to be his friend, for she had seen far worse people redeemed and brought to goodness even back in Tellius, and her forgiving him.
  • And that was the catalyst for a reaction only seen once before among the off-worlders. Rainbows filled the room, and she was borne to a place filled with stars in a split, light-coloured second. Out of the ether Celestia emerged, as visions of Nephenee's time in Equestria became visible around them. The Alicorn voiced her approval and happiness at the Sentinel's actions, and though Nephenee didn't understand what was happening, Celestia reassured her that she would. Even as light came from within and without the blue pony and she was lifted into the air, something told her that this feeling was right, and to embrace it. And she did, finally opening her eyes in the real world and discovering, much to her surprise, she'd earned Alicorn status, becoming a Princess. Oh, and she'd broken a barrier spell on the forest nearby, and that sneezing made things explode from her sudden magic powers. Good job breaking it, hero.
  • And then not a few months after, everything came to a head. Cálice, the one bringing and keeping them here, made one last push with the help of Starswirl The Bearded against the inhabitants of Equestria. Even as they talked Starswirl down and helped him see reason, Cálice amassed more power, and the final battle began. But the turning point wasn't a grevious wound or something of that nature; rather, the calls to the corrupted Twilight Sparkle within Cálice and the sudden hug from Saori and Nephenee shattered the defenses of the being, drawing them and others into itself while releasing the true foe, a being of utter Chaos. Inside, Nephenee and others went through tests, and upon passing them and gaining a sense of inner peace, were presented with an apple from a special tree. Biting into it, she and others gained their Elements, her own being Valor. With their newfound powers and their bonds of love and friendship, they were able to defeat the great evil threatening them and other worlds and all was well in this Equestria.
  • Shortly after, Nephenee, Morgan, and Cirno moved to his world of Rhydin, but they go back to Equestria frequently, and even visit other worlds.
Other AU Changes: Due to gaining a Persona and also becoming an Alicorn, Nephenee has a bit of knowledge of how to use some magic abilities inside her, and has learned more ways to fight from many sources, including Dante Sparda. She can also teleport to different worlds with the help of her Element.

Gem: Emerald. It's a stone affiliated with emotional healing, strength, and love, and is the type of gem her element resembles.

Power Considerations:
- Super Strength, if she loses hers. She's already strong, and in canon is pretty overpowered. Interestingly, it *is not* magic-based. Fire Emblem characters just tend to get ridiculously strong!
- Wind Manipulation: Nephenee's Affinity in the games is Wind, and I've long had this as a reason she deals better with the element. In her pony form, she's much better with magic in general, and can wield more than one lance this way. It can be tiring, though.
- Chocolate summoning. Exactly what it says on the tin - the ability to summon chocolate out of nowhere.

Extra: She is pretty overpowered in a physical sense even in canon, but her strength seems to be non-magical. Still, if you'd like it to be toned down, I'm okay with that, even with her losing her other abilities.
Also, she's weak to dark attacks, thanks to her Persona. Oops.

Writing Sample: Trial and tribulation show us who we really are.
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Most of the last week, folks have seen Nephenee a bit frazzled from working on wedding preparations, along with her normal stuff, but it's been with her normal energy and enthusiasm. When she pops up on the scrolls, it's with neither of those things; despite trying not to look too down, her ears aren't quite as perky, and her shoulders are the slightest bit slumped.]

Hey, all. Um...hate to spoil anypony's day, but...jus' wanted to let y'all know that Lethe o'Gallia has returned to Tellius. An' wanted to thank everypony for makin' her feel welcome here, an' bein' her friends. Even if she missed her home, havin' friends made it easier for her, Ah think...

...Sorry, Ah may need a lil' time to get back to normal stuff, though. Nothin's gettin' changed, jus' gotta get my head back on straight...

[Without anything much else to say, she rolls up the scroll.]



Despite the building spring heat, the sort that would bother some, that doesn't stop a pony that's hard to miss from working off her restlessness, whether by running about as much as she can, or by the blue and green and silver streak flying overhead, wings audibly beating the air as they work their hardest. And in all instances, it's in armor.

Wanna try to figure what the heck is going on with the lancer?
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This is a general thing for continuations of 4th wall threads past the cutoff point!

I'll make a list here in the Opener of threads and links as they come!
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[It's been one hell of a battle against Tirek so far, and there has been a lot of people who once had power, and even just were strong physically, that are now without that, and even without that, their cutie marks are gone; for many, the power was part of their identities, and so after seeing many scared to stand up to Tirek, whether in battle or in spirit, Nephenee decides to try to raise eveyone's hopes...and simultaneously show their enemy that they won't back down.]

[So, before some of them travel into Tartarus, the Sentinel makes two posts: one locked from the centaur...and one decidedly not.]

Visual, locked from Tirek )

Unlocked, viewable to EVERYONE )
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Who: Nephenee, Cirno, Tails, Morgan
What: Nephenee's trapped in the dreamscape, and found the exit...too bad it's guarded by some unsavory folks.
Where: Nephenee's Dreamscape
When: Later-ish in the event
Warnings: A giant Content/Trigger warning for memory loss talk. Also violence.
Prose or Commentspam: Prose

I'll Break The Chains In My Heart And Fly To That Fated Place )
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For ease of use, I'm going to split this into comments, because it's..well, a little long.

Player Name: Dassa
Player Journal: [personal profile] lil_rebbitzen 
Age: 25
Contact: [plurk.com profile] lilrebbitzen, same at AIM
Characters Played: Nephenee and Reimi

Name: Nephenee
Canon: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn originally
OU/AU/OC: AU’d to include game history at Rakuen and World of Pokémon
Canon Point: After the reveal that Eggman is behind some of the stuff they’re dealing with

History 1 2
Possessions, Pony Info, Picture, Samples
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 [This is a continuation post for my threads from 4th wall '14!]

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